Enna the umbilicus of sicily

Enna is the chief town of the central sicily and the highest one, at 970 metres, built on the top of an upland over the Dittaino river. It was defined “urbs inexpugnabilis” from the Romans thanks to its natural position difficult to reach. Enna is divided in: Enna Bassa, Enna Alta and Pergusa with its famous lake around which an important autodrome was built. In the upper side of the city you can find: the Fortress of Cerere, Lombardia’s Castle and Federico II Tower, 24 metres in height. There are a lot of churches to visit. Enna is also the area of the most sicilian lakes, 37 in total, 5 of which are natural.

Piazza Armerina (26km from our structure)

A beautiful baroque city known all over the world for its mosaics in the Villa Romana del Casale. You can walk in the old town centre with the view of the stately Cathedral, the medieval, baroque, renaissance buildings, the great amount of churches which are hidden at every corner such as Palazzo Trigona and the Aragona Castle.

Morgantina (30km from its structure)

Ancient greek and sicilian town found by Princeton university. It was inhabited from the Bronze age and it’s part of the Cultura di Castelluccio: a society characterized by a tribal organization who lived in huts and used ceramic tools. In this archeological area you will find the Agorà, with the Roman shops and the Gymnasium, and the greeg theatre (IV century). At 1km from the archeological site, on the top of the Cittadella you can visit the Akropoli remains.

Caltagirone ( 60km from our structure)

This city is situated between gela and Piazza Armerina, it raises at the slopes of the Erei mountains, Its territory was used for its strategic value of control on the lowlands of Gela and Catania, inhabited from Neolithic and Bronze Age until greek arrival. Caltagirone is famous alla round the world for its amazing ceramic crafts.

Sperlinga ( 50 km from our structure)

Between Nebrodi and Madonie, Sperlinga arises, a small town, lying along the side of a rocky spur. It hosts around fifty caves build by the Byzantines. Two of these are on the side of the Medieval Castle and they contain numerous objects belonged to the farmers civilization.

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